Timelock is a simple little puzzle game developed for Ludum Dare 32. My main goal was to do something small I could complete in a weekend so I don't distract myself too much from my main project. I didn't want to do anything with violence, so I struggled a bit with the theme 'An Unconventional Weapon'. I decided that the 'weapon' was a combination of the players lack of skills, and the limited amount of moves the player gets to complete each level. (In reality I actually went with the second place theme - Companion...)

The gameplay revolves around moving a number of cubes through a level, where each one moves simultaneously. You have to guide them all to the exit with a limited number of moves.

I would have liked to get 20 levels created, but I ran out of time, so there's just 17. Various mechanics are introduced gradually throughout. I believe they do get pretty difficult towards the end though, so good luck!

The game was written in Unity, SFX were done in LabChirp, and the music was done with cgMusic combined with Reaper and some VSTs for rendering the MIDI output.

Thanks for looking - I hope you enjoy it!